Residents are encouraged to take advantage of curbside recycling by using green recycle bins provided by the city. Recyclable items collected by the city-recycling program are plastic, aluminum cans, newspaper, chipboard and tin cans.

Schools, business and industry are also encouraged to participate in the city’s recycle program. For more information on recycling services for home or business, please call 684-7172 or 684-2341.

Residential Sanitation
Services are provided on all holidays except Christmas Day.

Roll out carts are emptied once a week. By 7:00 am. on your regular collection day, place your roll out and recycle bin at the curb of your residence. Do not place receptacles in the street. Roll outs and recycle bins should be removed from the curb and placed at the rear of your residence after they have been emptied. All containers should be returned to the back of residence by 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection.

Backyard service is available for elderly and disabled residents with doctor verification and when no one in the home is able-bodied. (Code 1977 10-18-10-20) Sec 36-43.

Items such as furniture are collected once per week on the same day as your garbage collection and may be placed on the curbside for pick up. Appliances and metal should be kept separate from trash so they can be picked up separately. No construction/destruction debris will be collected by the city. (Code 1977 10-21.2) Sec. 36-46, (Code 1977 10-21.3) Sec. 36-47.

Tree limbs, cuttings and shrubbery
Collected weekly on the same collection day as garbage and trash. No trees or limbs larger than 4" in diameter, longer than six feet or heavier than 200 lbs will be collected by the city. Tree limbs, cuttings and shrubbery should be kept separate from other trash. (Code 1977 10-21) Sec. 36-44.

Leaves need to be raked to the curb side and placed in piles for pick up. Leaves are picked up on a schedule that generally runs from October through March. Do not mix other debris with the leaves. (Code 1977 10-21.1) Sec. 36-45.

Curbside Recycling
Green recycle bins are emptied at the curb one time per week on the same day as garbage collection. Items collected include:
• Aluminum and steel food and beverage cans
• Soft drink bottles, plastic milk jugs, plastic bottles marked #1 or #2
• Newspaper, magazines and chipboard

York County Convenience Center
Accept all above items and also accept used motor oil, automobile batteries and corrugated cardboard. For the center near you, please call 804-628-3181.

Commercial Sanitation
The City of York provides solid waste services to business and industry through the use of various size dumpsters. Our waste fees are comparable to those in the private sector. Local service provided by the city means we can respond quickly to your concerns.

Fee Schedule Monthly

2 Cu Yd
4 Cu Yd
6 Cu Yd
8 Cu Yd
10 Cu Yd
1 per week 29.73 59.45 89.18 118.91 148.63
2 per week 59.46 118.90 178.36 237.82 297.26
3 per week 89.18 178.35 267.54 356.73 445.89
4 per week 118.92 237.80 356.72 475.64 594.52
5 per week 148.65 297.25


594.55 743.15
Unscheduled 13.72/ea 27.44/ea 41.16/ea 54.88/ea 68.60/ea

If you have questions or would like to sign up for commercial sanitation, please call 684-2341 or 684-7172.

Instructions and Guidelines for Garbage, Trash and Recycling
Please store all garbage and small trash in your roll out container. Place your roll out at the rear of your residence after being emptied. The roll out should be kept closed to keep out water and neighborhood pets. The following items cannot be placed in your roll out: liquids, poisons, acids, caustics, ashes, paint, dirt, rocks or other dangerous materials such as gas, kerosene, oil, paint thinner or any type of construction materials.
• Place your roll out and recycle bin at the curb of your residence by 7:00 a.m. on your regular collection day.
• Return your roll out and recycle bin after they have been emptied to the rear of your residence by 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection.
• The city will not pickup debris from contracted tree removal or contracted yard work.

For families who need it, a second roll out is available from the Public Works Department; however, there will be an additional charge on your monthly utility bill.

If you have questions about containers or schedules, please call the Public Works Department at 684-7172 ext. 231.